Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Caution!!! Unit Kad kredit palsu Bank Negara Is Back in Action....

Posted by Muhammad Effandie Nordin at 12:35 PM
Please be careful when some one call you from this number 03-2026 7949 and saying that he or she is from a credit card company, because today I've receive a call from a guy saying that he is from AEON credit card center, at first he said that AEON cannot upgrade your credit card limit due to some amount that you didn't paid. He will double confirm your name, IC number and your phone number. Then he said that you have apply for a credit card in early this year, in this case that guy said I have apply the credit card in Johor (which is not), then he said that maybe somebody is using your IC to apply that credit card and he will give you this number 03-2772 7241 and guest what  (binggo!!) it is a number for unit kad kredit palsu in Bank Negara. My advise is no matter which bank or credit card center that they use as long as the number is exactly same like is fake....below are the details that I receive:

Receive call from Steven  (emp ID#  13786) from  AEON credit card center regarding on AEON master gold card. Credit card number 5460 7500 4870 1840 (which is fake, had confirm with the real AEON staff). Pass this info to all....


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