Friday, March 11, 2011

How to Register in search engines..?

Posted by Muhammad Effandie Nordin at 12:09 AM
We can use many ways to make our blogs famous and get many traffics, such as blog walking or visiting others blogs. Registering to various aggregator, and the most effective ways is through the search engine.
New Blogger are thinking that after making blog, their blog will be found in search engines. But here they are wrong because we have to submit our blog in their directory. So, it will be easy to increase traffic.
Now, have you submitted your blogs to the search engines? Or you still don’t know how to submit your blogs. Just follow the tutorials below.

1. If you want to register in MSN. Just fill in the verification code and your URL blog in the available square, then click submit and finished.
2. If you want to register your blog in Yahoo. Go to this link
Before registering here, make sure that you have yahoo account. Why you need yahoo account? Because to register here, you need to log in to your yahoo account. If you still don’t have any yahoo e-mail, click here to make one first. And if you have e yahoo account, you just need to log in with your username and password. As soon as you log in, you will see a column. Just fill in the column with your URL blog, then click Add URL and done.
3. Want to submit i google. Here is tutorial.
First go to here.
If you want to register in google you have to
1. URL –> Fill in your URL blog
2. Comments –> Fill in the related keywords to your blogs.
3. Fill in the blank square with the verification code available.
4. Click Add URL.
5. Finished


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